There is no event
that cannot be realized

We haven’t thought about event standards for our facility, simply because we let you be our event planners. Tell us your ideas and they will be realized in detail.

An ideal location
for your professional meetings

An intimate and elegant place, perfect for closing an agreement or contract, all accompanied by the taste of tradition.

For an important signature
you need the right table, book now!
What you want, when you want
To satisfy your every wish


Every working day, to go at its best, must start with the right energy: a sweet awakening, with an intense flavor.


International format, Sicilian essence: the journey starts here.


A fresh, light and dynamic menu: tradition and innovation take on a new flavor every day.


Local flavors meet the rest of the world, creating a unique experience to be savored.


Our philosophy, our flavors, our dishes. Without borders, right to your home.


Tell us what you have in mind, our staff will make it for you.