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Refined environments that recall the atmosphere of home. For a meeting over a coffee or during a relaxing break from work, the Lounge Bar of the Modica Boutique Hotel is the right meeting point for every experience. A place to enjoy reading a novel, to consult our digital newsstand while sipping a tea, surrounded by an environment that puts everyone at ease.

Our Bar

Un luogo dove la passione per il gusto di un buon cocktail si mixa al piacere di una pausa tra amici. Un buon drink è la scusa perfetta per un momento di relax in compagnia anche del vostro bartender di fiducia.
"I painted the soul on an anonymous canvas and mixed vodka with tonic water"
Franco Califano
Cocktail Signature
A list born from a long experience abroad, with great inspiration and a strong link with the creations. Designed with strong empathy towards the concept of cocktails, with the sole purpose of thrilling those who try them, in a moment of conviviality between those who mix and those who taste the result.

Tonyc Delano

A cocktail born from the need to give a new look to the classic Gin Tonic. Magrì's desire to give a fresher and summery touch led him to modify the recipe by adding the fresh notes of cucumber, and a spicy note given by crushed mint , all accompanied with the delicacy of sugar syrup.

Negroni Modicano

When local tradition joins the long history of a cocktail that has often been revisited and appreciated in many variations. All the Modican Baroque stands out with the intense taste of Modica chocolate and the strong taste of cinnamon, ingredients strongly linked to the city.

Gimme Five

Designed for the memory of an old friend, a lover of centrifuges and natural products. The freshness of green apple and fennel that come together in a five, with the addition of fresh pepper mixed with gin and sugar syrup.

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Every working day, to go at its best, must start with the right energy: a sweet awakening, with an intense flavor.


International format, Sicilian essence: the journey starts here.


A fresh, light and dynamic menu: tradition and innovation take on a new flavor every day.


Local flavors meet the rest of the world, creating a unique experience to be savored.


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